A Blueprint for Strong Marriages


Perform wedding ceremonies!  HAVE A CHRISTIAN PASTOR perform your personalized wedding ceremony and provide private One-on-one premarital consulting.

Three choices:

Basic Wedding Ceremony - $499 includes 4 hours of premarital consulting/counseling.

Superior Wedding Ceremony - $999 includes 10 hours of premarital consulting/counseling.

Ultimate Wedding Ceremony - $1999 includes 10 hours of premarital consulting. And a BONUS of Life Long marriage consulting/counseling.

On-Line Consulting: Information is emailed to the client. $75 per session.  Contact debbie@changingyourheart.com

Classes: 10 week class - each week is a one and a half hour class, $150 per person plus buying the book.


One - on - One Consulting: The couple has private consulting $75 per hour.  Contact debbie@changingyourheart.com

Seminars: One-day and two-day covering - $50 per couple

The keys to an incredible marriage
Increased intimacy
Helpful skills to navigate conflict
Unlocking communication barriers


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