A Blueprint for Strong Marriages

About Us

Richmond and Debbie Caldwell have been happily married for more than twenty years! In their previous relationships, they have personally experienced the pain of divorce. They will take you on a journey to heal not only your marriage relationship but all the relationships in your life. The Caldwells are teachers, dynamic speakers and marriage coaches, and have taught an eight-ten week marriage class since 2000 to countless couples. Richmond graduated from the U.S Air Force Academy and is a certified facilitator of Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits, Achieve Global and Coaching for Performance.

Debbie attended the University of Texas San Antonio. She has helped numerous families achieve healing in their lives through family and marriage coaching. She is a leading authority on relationships as well as a gifted speaker.

Richmond and Debbie have 5 children and 5 grandchildren and currently reside in Fort Worth, Texas.


We see the pain in our society. It is the result of broken relationships between family members, husbands and wives and friends. It is the result of not yielding to each other and ingesting the intoxicating drug of always having to be right. We wrote this book to help and encourage you to see the possibility of change in your relationships by experiencing healing in your heart. Our dream is to aid you in the restoration of your relationships. Are you tired of existing alone in your relationships? You were created not to be alone especially in your marriage relationship. Do you know how to rekindle and enhance your relationship? We are here to give you ideas on ways that you can do this.

Would you like to change your heart in order to change the hearts of your children? We feel that most of life’s hurts would be resolved early on in life by implementing the ingredients found in Changing Your Heart. If we as parents knew that our children were going to be affected the way that they are through divorce, would you knowingly bring such harm to them? Divorce to children constitutes parents placing them in a trauma unit, leaving them there and expecting them to figure out how to get themselves well.

We are strongly aware of the many situations that could deem divorce. There are physical and mental abuse, drug addiction and alcoholism. Pornography and infidelity are on the rise in an alarming rate and wrecking havoc on many relationships. Divorce is painful and life is not greener on the other side of the fence. But, if you could change your heart, what would that be worth to you? Our goal is to help you repair the damaged heart of your youth and in turn you will be able to heal the heart of your mate and others around you.

Do you have a strained relationship with a co-worker or perhaps your boss? Changing Your Heart will help you in every relationship in your life. Changing your Heart will give you the tools you need to create an atmosphere of trust, honesty and well being. Not only will you attract harmony, peace and joy, you will be able to give harmony, peace and joy to others because your heart has changed. You will benefit from your heart change in more ways than you can imagine. Ok, I can hear you saying, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, this is not going to work for me." You might be apprehensive about believing this book or seminar can help you in your relationship. Will changing my heart actually work for me? Skeptical feelings are perfectly normal. However there is a method to our madness. Having helped couples for over ten years, we have proven our system works to help mend your relationships. We have had hundreds of couples who were at the brink of disaster reconcile their situation by changing their heart.

I can assure you that when you follow the strategies, techniques and ideas outlined in our book and seminars you will experience a miraculous healing in all your relationships. Whether it be with a sibling, co-worker or friend. So I challenge you to plow forward and embrace these concepts so that you can ultimately rekindle your relationship. You will experience joy, peace of mind and comfort as you share your life with your loved ones.

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