A Blueprint for Strong Marriages

Welcome to Changing Your Heart

Changing Your Heart Ministries is constantly growing and expanding.

We wrote this book and developed our classes to help and encourage you to see the possibility of change in your relationships by experiencing healing in your heart.

Our dream is to aid you in the restoration of your relationships.

Instead of probabilities, we want your minds to be open to the possibilities of change in every area of your life. We want you to have the results you deserve to move forward in your life. Based on what you are doing now, can you define what is working and what is not working for you to achieve the relationships that you want? We want your thinking to shift about yourself and about others to bring about the change you are seeking within yourself. It will take work, are you ready to start revitalizing your life?

Changing Your Heart Ministries is in assosciation with Twogether for Texas.

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